The need for another road trip started before I got home from the last one. Last summer my best friend Nick and I took about 9 days and drove over 5000 miles seeing some of the most amazing places I can imagine. That trip stirred something inside of me and I've been longing for that ever since.

    Since then I planned on doing another trip like that but taking more time to so I wouldn't be as rushed. Nick couldn't go this time because he is busy awaiting a baby, and I couldn't be more stoked for him. I've also wanted to do a solo trip for some time so now is that time! 

     As school started winding down, more and more reasons why I shouldn't take this time off started to arise. For example, what about my job? Shouldn't I be doing summer school? Couldn't I use that money for something more logical? 

    I have my mom to thank for pushing me to do it despite the excuses I could have come up with. I have no major plans for this trip other than that I am heading west. I am currently two days into it and I'm exploring a little more of New Mexico then we got to last time. Last night I stopped to see Palo Duro Canyon because I had driven by many times but never actually been. My friend said "What canyon is that? It looks too green to be the Grand Canyon." That's pretty much how I would describe it. Less big, more green. 

    I found a spot to park and sleep for the night, and I quickly fell asleep to the sound of the wind rolling over the flatness of west Texas, slightly shaking my car. I got woken up by the sound of rain beating on the roof of the car, but it was still dark outside so I let my mind drift back to sleep until the sun came up. Now I am in Santa Fe, New Mexico and it is sunny and raining out. I like this state, I'm excited to see what else it has to offer.  

     If you made it this far, you probably know by now I am pretty bad at putting the thoughts in my head into words and sentences that make sense but thanks for taking the time. I wasn't planning on writing about this trip but I know my mom wants me to and if one person gets something out of it then it's worth it. It is also good documentation, so we'll see how long I keep this up. 

    See ya in the next one!

Road Trip Part III - Yosemite

   From LA we raced up to Yosemite very anxious to see what it had to offer. the long drive through the mountains lead to incredible views and chilly wet weather. We were super stoked on the weather the two days we were there because the first day there were low hanging clouds and lots of fog which made for cool pictures and the second day we got clear skies so we could see everything very clearly. 

   Over the next day and a half (not enough time) we explored the valley, stopping every chance we got. I was left speechless by every sight. The whole time I was thinking what it must be like to be the first to see and explore this place. 

   I am already trying to plan a trip back to Yosemite because its easily my favorite place so far. The photos do it no justice but I hope you get a sense of how truly beautiful it is. Might do a part two to this later on but for now, enjoy the photos and thanks for reading!

Road Trip Part II

 After packing up camp in New Mexico we headed west to the Grand Canyon. "Grand" is an understatement because its really hard to get a grasp on how big it really is which also makes it really hard to photograph, but Nick and I were up for the challenge. 

   For the next couple of hours we spent some time taking it all in and taking photos. This one couple saw us with cameras and asked us to take their photo right on the rim of the canyon. We gladly said yes and Nick took a shot or two before showing the photos to them. The guy said he loved them but wanted one more, he handed the phone back to nick and walked over to his girlfriend and got on his knee and asked her to marry him. I realized what was happening pretty fast so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few photos as well. It was a special moment.

   We found a spot to sleep for the night and woke up early to get on the road again. The original plan was to go to Zion National Park but we decided to keep heading west and make it to LA. We got a hotel in LA also, because we thought it was probably time for a shower. We spent some time walking down Venice beach and Santa Monica Pier which I dont have very many photos of because I left my memory card at the hotel. We watched the sun slowly creep behind the horizon. It was all fun until both of our phones died and we had no way to get an uber back to the hotel and a taxi would have been way to expensive but after some time we figured it out and made it back in one piece.

    One can only take so much of LA traffic so the next morning we hopped back in the car and headed towards Yosemite National park. That will have a whole blog post to itself because I am in love with that place. Again, Thanks for reading my scrambled thoughts! 

Road Trip Part I

    I've been fantasizing about a trip going west for so long and I was finally able to make it happen between work, school, life etc. I texted my best friend Nick two weeks before I was planning on heading out asking if he wanted to tag along, knowing he craves adventure as much as I do. Needless to say he was 100% down.

   After little planning we loaded up the car and left. the journey started with a gas station donut and redbull as if I wasn't awake enough from excitement. if you have ever driven through west Texas you know there is nothing special so we spent this time talking loudly over loud music and eating muffins that my mom gave us before we left (thanks mom).

   The drive slowly started getting more interesting as we got into New Mexico. I had been through New Mexico once before but didn't really get to see what it had to offer so I had little expectations. After researching some spots to see, Nick and I started getting more anxious to get out of the car and enjoy what was around us. The sun was setting quickly as we found a natural hot spring that looked promising so we hurried down the trail that ended at beautiful little pools of warm water with an incredible view of the setting sun. Nick decided to hop in for some photos.

   We hung around here until darkness came and figured it was time to find somewhere to camp for the night, after getting everything situated we got a fire going and made some hotdogs that did not disappoint. exhausted from driving all day we settled into the back of the fj cruiser and quickly dozed off. The journey west continues tomorrow!

   Hope you guys liked this little post. I'm not very good at writing or expressing anything with words so if you made it through this, Thanks for reading!