Road Trip Part I

    I've been fantasizing about a trip going west for so long and I was finally able to make it happen between work, school, life etc. I texted my best friend Nick two weeks before I was planning on heading out asking if he wanted to tag along, knowing he craves adventure as much as I do. Needless to say he was 100% down.

   After little planning we loaded up the car and left. the journey started with a gas station donut and redbull as if I wasn't awake enough from excitement. if you have ever driven through west Texas you know there is nothing special so we spent this time talking loudly over loud music and eating muffins that my mom gave us before we left (thanks mom).

   The drive slowly started getting more interesting as we got into New Mexico. I had been through New Mexico once before but didn't really get to see what it had to offer so I had little expectations. After researching some spots to see, Nick and I started getting more anxious to get out of the car and enjoy what was around us. The sun was setting quickly as we found a natural hot spring that looked promising so we hurried down the trail that ended at beautiful little pools of warm water with an incredible view of the setting sun. Nick decided to hop in for some photos.

   We hung around here until darkness came and figured it was time to find somewhere to camp for the night, after getting everything situated we got a fire going and made some hotdogs that did not disappoint. exhausted from driving all day we settled into the back of the fj cruiser and quickly dozed off. The journey west continues tomorrow!

   Hope you guys liked this little post. I'm not very good at writing or expressing anything with words so if you made it through this, Thanks for reading!