Road Trip Part III - Yosemite

   From LA we raced up to Yosemite very anxious to see what it had to offer. the long drive through the mountains lead to incredible views and chilly wet weather. We were super stoked on the weather the two days we were there because the first day there were low hanging clouds and lots of fog which made for cool pictures and the second day we got clear skies so we could see everything very clearly. 

   Over the next day and a half (not enough time) we explored the valley, stopping every chance we got. I was left speechless by every sight. The whole time I was thinking what it must be like to be the first to see and explore this place. 

   I am already trying to plan a trip back to Yosemite because its easily my favorite place so far. The photos do it no justice but I hope you get a sense of how truly beautiful it is. Might do a part two to this later on but for now, enjoy the photos and thanks for reading!